Are you really CC Savvy?

Test what you’ve learned by explaining CC to your friends.


You’ve had some time to explore Creative Commons licensing and see what it’s all about. Now for the real test: pick one lucky friend, family member or colleague and try explaining CC licenses to them. Think about how that particular person might relate as a creator or user of a work. Does she listen to a ton of music? Is he an avid creator of LOLcats? What key takeaways can you hit on to get them excited to explore CC on their own?

After you’ve had the conversation, come back here to answer the following questions and tell us anything else you found notable about the exchange. Also share any preparations you did prior to the conversation.
  • What questions did your friend ask that you couldn’t answer?
  • Did your friend raise any interesting points? Pros and cons?
  • Did your friend get it? Do you get it?
[You might also want to check out the CC FAQ to see if your or your friend’s question is answered there.]