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Network Platforms

Platforms are how we organize areas of work for the Creative Commons community, where individuals and institutions organize and coordinate themselves across the CC Global Network.

Platforms are the way we create and communicate strategic collaboration to have a worldwide impact—it is the way our CC Network collaborates. The platforms are open to anyone willing to contribute and develop a usable, vibrant, and collaborative global commons.

As we are fleshing out the new global network structure and implementing the strategy approved at the 2017 Global Summit in this what we call transition period before CCGN gets finally in shape and ready to set sail, we also have made it clear that anyone in CC community should feel free to propose ideas, initiate dialogues, and start to shape collaborative efforts around their interested topics and areas, sometimes by building upon what they have already been doing on their own.

During and after 2017 Toronto Global Summit, 4 groups so far have been created as community-driven efforts and claimed to work together on specific topics and areas that they think are obvious key areas that are of interest to many CC communities around the world.

You can find a full list of all the platforms currently under development on GitHub. Please join and contribute to shaping how CC community works together to make a more open and vibrant commons around the world.