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Network Strategy

The Creative Commons Global Network recently undertook a community led strategic process to revamp, revitalize, and strengthen the network. This included a research lead by Anna Mazgal, from Poland, with a series of researchers working with her from inside and outside the network. A dedicated team of CC community members designed an entirely new model for collaboration – helping the network grow in a sustainable manner.

After that we started a community engagement process in order to consult the movement about the Strategy draft. The process included more than two hundred comments on the online platform, 22 online and in-person meetings and the participation of the 89% of the actual members of the Affiliate Network. The result of this process is a new structure and strategy document for the Creative Commons Global Network.

After the Global Summit we started a Transition period. We called it Transition because the new strategy for the movement requires time in terms to implement the new structure, the new way of work and the new governance.

Transition and timelines

We have identified three elements for this transition period. These are just elements or layers that will drive our work during this first stage before the Strategy is fully implemented, providing us a vision, timelines and compromises to orientate the work we need to do in the meantime.


The local work is key for the New Strategy.  To coordinate this efforts we will trust in Chapters as units for the governance and to coordinate local work. These Chapters are made up of people, with individuals whose work is focused on the place where they live, have accepted the Creative Commons Charter and has been vouched by two actual members.


Platforms are how we organize areas of work for the Creative Commons community, where individuals and institutions organize and coordinate themselves across the CC Global Network.

Platforms are the way we create and communicate strategic collaboration to have worldwide impact – it is the way our network works collaboratively. The platforms are open to anyone willing to contribute and develop usable, vibrant and collaborative global commons.

During this transition period we have been working into four different Platforms:

Further information about each of them, on GitHub.

Timeline for PLATFORMS


The main governance body for the new Strategy is the Global Network Council, and it’s important to us to focus on establishing the new Chapters as soon as we can, and to make that happen we will be opening the membership process in the coming weeks for anyone to join.