License Stewardship

The CC license suite was foundational to the creation of Creative Commons. To this day, the stewardship of CC licenses and public domain tools remains one of the core functions of the organization. 

At this milestone of the 20th anniversary of Creative Commons, we are embarking on a public consultation around CC’s stewardship. Specifically, we seek to collectively define the principles and responsibilities that CC should and will uphold in its role as stewards of the CC legal tools.

This effort will assist with: 

  • Resource allocation 
  • Prioritization 
  • Accountability 
  • Transparency
  • Making space for others to fill gaps that CC cannot 
  • Resiliency of the licenses and public domain tools 
  • Rebuilding an active community of people around the world invested in the licenses and public domain tools

Ultimately, as we consider the work of Creative Commons in the next decade and look to new endeavors and projects, we want to ensure we effectively sustain and nurture our existing tools. Please help us define what good stewardship looks like by contributing to this consultation. 

Process & timeline

Consultation period: (September 24 to December 1)

  • CC has created a draft of the stewardship principles and responsibilities, which is intended to serve as a starting point for consultation. Anyone can provide written feedback to the draft. (Link leads to Google Docs; non-editable copy also available on our site.)
  • CC has posted a short survey with specific questions related to stewardship (written answers not required).
  • Open consultation calls with CC Legal took place on Monday October 11 at 23:00 UTC and Tuesday October 12 14:00 UTC (please contact if you missed these and wish to schedule a new call).
  • CC will distill and incorporate feedback and release a new version of the draft around November 1. 

Based on this input, CC will publish a renewed Stewardship Commitment in December 2021.