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“Life Wasted” Clip Available for Download at Google Video and

May 19, 2006

Today, Creative Commons announced that the video for Pearl Jam’s new single “Life Wasted” will be offered to the public under the Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-NoDerivs license, so that the people around the world can legally copy, distribute, and share the clip.

This announcement marks the first time in eight years that Pearl Jam has released a music video. It is also the first time that the band has licensed work under one of Creative Commons’ free, flexible copyright licenses.

“Once again, Pearl Jam is taking the lead, watching others in the rear view mirror,” says Lawrence Lessig, CEO of Creative Commons. “Pearl Jam’s decision to offer its new video to the public under a Creative Commons license proves that the band’s reputation for fan-friendliness is well deserved. It’s an inspiration to those of us who are passionate about building a pool of creative work that can be freely and legally shared by the world.”

Pearl Jam and J Records are offering the video as a free download at Google Video and from today, May 19th, through May 24th. After May 24th, the clip will be made available for sale.

About Pearl Jam

Since the 1991 release of Pearl Jam’s multi-platinum debut album Ten, the band has sold nearly 60 million albums worldwide, including millions of live bootlegs. To date, the band has released eight studio albums, two live collections, a double-disc collection of B-sides, and a double-disc greatest hits set.

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Eric Steuer
Creative Director, Creative Commons

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Posted 19 May 2006