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What’s New in the Noosphere?

The term “global commons” usually brings to mind the biosphere’s natural resources that everyone shares and benefits from, like water or air. But the global commons is also home to what’s called the noosphere—all the resources and artifacts created by human reason and scientific thought, such as music, art, language, and research. Creative Commons has … Read More “What’s New in the Noosphere?”

We Created a CC Style Guide; It’s Yours to Remix

Crafting and maintaining a consistent style is essential to establishing and promoting an organization’s brand.  As with any organization, Creative Commons’ (CC) brand should help CC build trust with its stakeholders and the broader open movement, as well as maintain and grow CC’s reputation, legitimacy, and leadership in the Global Commons. With that in mind, … Read More “We Created a CC Style Guide; It’s Yours to Remix”

Meet Our Growing Tech Team

Over the past year, we’ve expanded our tech team at CC, welcoming four new staff members to help support the global commons through CC’s licenses and tools. Timid Robot Zehta joined us in October of 2018 as CC’s Core Systems Manager; Hugo Solar signed on in January as CC’s Web Developer; Bruno Ferreira also began … Read More “Meet Our Growing Tech Team”


Progress Soars on Official Translations of 4.0 and CC0!

Creative Commons welcomes progress on official language translations of both 4.0 and CC0 due to our dedicated network of volunteers and a commitment by the European Commission (EC) to ensure the legal code for each is available in all official languages of the European Union.