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Creative Commons Launches 2nd Annual Fundraising Campaign


This week marks the launch of Creative Commons’ second annual fundraising campaign. Last year, we experienced phenomenal support from our community - with over $250,000 donated.

This year’s campaign boasts multiple ways to support CC. You can show your support directly - by making a donation and/or purchasing CC swag at our online store; or indirectly - by including a “Support CC 2006” button in your website, blog, etc. This year, we are offering a new T-shirt, new and improved vinyl stickers and hipster buttons. Check out the options at our new support pages.

Similar to last year’s campaign, our CEO & Chairman - Larry Lessig - will again be initiating the “Lessig Letters” series, but this time the twice-monthly emails will come from some of the Creative Commons international affiliates and will highlight the exciting things happening around CC licenses and tools in their jurisdictions. These letters will be sent to our mailing list so if you think that you may not be on it and wish to receive these emails please subscribe

For those of you who gave last year and wonder what your support achieved, below is a very brief overview:




That is just an overview of the many things your support has helped Creative Commons achieve over the past 12 months. Stay tuned to learn more about CC around the world and about what we have planned for the next 12 months that your continued support can help us realize.

Posted 12 October 2006