Picasa Now Supports Creative Commons

This week Google threw its hat into the photo-commons ring with by announcing its newly upgraded Picasa Web Albums service. Users of Picasa now have the option to individually license their photos on the site under any of our six licenses, and can also set their profile to default to a particular one:

Just look for edit button next to the “All Rights Reserved” text on the right side of any photo page, and the “Photo Usage & Licensing” section in your profile settings (requires Google Account) to set a default license.

5 thoughts on “Picasa Now Supports Creative Commons”

  1. this is proving to be very difficult. I wish to license my web albums, now being arranged in Picasa3.

    Then I want to add more albums.
    And allow Arch Net to use some pictures, non-commercial.

  2. Hi.
    I would like to know who to insert the logo corresponding to my license on every photo that I keep on Picasa. Is this possible?

    Thank you!

    Santiago Dussan

  3. I think Creative Commons is a great way to share your thing without wurrying that people might steal your things and that keeps your things that you made/post safe.
    ps. I do not have my own website

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