Kongregate Collabs: CC-Licensed Online Gaming Development

Kongregate Collabs is a new service that allows game developers to connect with artists and musicians to create online games. A project of Kongregate, one of the leading indie game sites on the web, Kongregate Collabs is attempting to tap into the creative energy of Kongregate’s community of game enthusiasts.

Users are encouraged to upload both art and sounds, which can then be commented on and discussed by the community. Creators can ability to license these assets under the CC license of their choosing, making them available for the public to use in their own creations.

Kongregate Collabs just launched, so now is an opportune time to jump in, upload works, and see where the collaborative platform takes you.

UPDATE: Apologies to Kongregate and our community for the broken links – they now feed directly to the Kongregate Collabs live site.

4 thoughts on “Kongregate Collabs: CC-Licensed Online Gaming Development”

  1. Is there an open area of the site we can have a look at? All of the links above require you to have an account to access them.

  2. I agree with Vincent. It seems to be an exclusive service to I don’t know who ^_^ Or they forgot to switch it off?

    But it is very interesting. I hope they open up their site so we can start spreading this to the FLOSS Gaming Community (as well as developers themselves).

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