Free Bassel Day, coming March 15

Bassel Khartabil is a computer engineer who, through his innovations in social media, digital education, and open-source web software, played a huge role in opening the internet in Syria and bringing online access and knowledge to the Syrian people. Many people reading this blog know Bassel through his work as lead for CC Syria.

Coinciding with the 4th Arab Bloggers Meeting (at which Bassel was sorely missed) and the Geneva II Peace Conference, the #freebassel Campaign is announcing the call for pledges for Free Bassel Day 2014.

The second Free Bassel Day will be held globally on March 15, marking the second anniversary of his imprisonment and the third anniversary of the beginning of the Syrian civil war. We encourage you to join the CC and #freebassel communities and get involved.

For more information or to share your pledge for Free Bassel Day, contact the #freebassel campaign at

Projects already in the works:

For more information or to submit your Free Bassel Day event or project, visit


2 thoughts on “Free Bassel Day, coming March 15”

  1. This is quite interesting. I am new to Creative Commons and inspired by Bassel.

    I need to know in detail how creative common works and if we can help other guys build a better world around us.


  2. So glad I got sent this post well in advance of the 15th! This is something I would definitely like to get involved with, but the amount of times that I don’t realise it’s going on until after the date has passed is ridiculous! The cookbook sounds like a great idea, and I’ll definitely be finding out what else has been planned!

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