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Announcing the official Polish translation of the CC 4.0 License

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cc-infografika-finalFor a summary of the changes to the 4.0 license in Polish, please see this post.

We are thrilled to announce our official translation of 4.0 into Polish. The translation process was time-consuming (Polish is a tricky language, believe us), but now all Polish speakers can benefit from the 4.0 licenses in their national language. The latest version has become increasingly popular in Poland (especially among public administration) since its release, but until now, we lacked translation of legal texts – not any more!  

Creative Commons Poland coordinated the translation process. The translation draft was prepared by the CC Poland legal team. The draft was put to public consultation from 30 July to 31 August 2016, and at the same time translation was sent directly to the people involved in the earlier translations of CC licenses, IP lawyers, librarians and representatives of cultural heritage institutions. Blogs, social medias and mailing list were used to inform about translation process.

Thank you to the members of CC Poland involved in translation process:

Marcin Serafin – lawyer, legal lead of Creative Commons Poland, a subject-matter expert in the legal translation process.
Katarzyna Strycharz – lawyer, Creative Commons Poland, coordinator of the translation process responsible for managing the process of translation and communication among team members, contact with Regional Coordinators and CC Legal.
Natalia Mileszyk – lawyer, Creative Commons Poland, responsible for process of comments from CC Legal, final publication and contact with CC Legal
Filip Rak – volunteer in Creative Commons Poland, legal help in translation process.

We want to also thank for invaluable help, comments, and support to Alek Tarkowski (policy advisor Creative Commons, public lead in Creative Commons Poland), Klaudia Grabowska (Open Access Lead for Creative Commons Polska) and Kamil Śliwowski (project lead of Creative Commons Poland).

Posted 15 November 2016