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CC Africa Community Collaborates on Continental Projects

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Happy Africa Day 2018!

Every year on 25th May, Africans join together to remember the launch of the Organisation for African Unity (now rebranded to African Union) on May 25, 1963 in Ethiopia.


CC Global Summit 2018 African Participants – Simeon Oriko CC BY 4.0

For years, many CC members across the African continent have expressed interest in collaborating on African Creative Commons initiatives.

On the sidelines of the recent CC Global Summit in Toronto, the African participants gathered, proposed and discussed areas of collaboration. We agreed to develop and complete projects by December 2018 in the following four categories:

  1. Open Policy – Led by Elizabeth Oyange (CC Kenya) and Seble Baraki (CC Ethiopia)
  2. Open Education Resources – Led by Aristarik Maro (CC Tanzania) and Hildah Nyakwaka (CC Kenya)
  3. Arts & Culture – Led by Mohamed Rahmo (CC Morocco) and Asma Al-Amin (CC Kenya)
  4. Open Access – Led by Kamel Belhamel (CC Algeria) and Helen Chuma-Okoro (CC Nigeria)

Some of these groups have already began working on their ideas:

  1. The Open Policy group is targeting a project at the African Union. Details here.
  2. The Open Access group project details are here.

In addition to these categories, Raphael Berchie (CC Ghana) and Simeon Oriko (CC HQ) will help to lead the creation of chapters across the continent. Obianuju Mollel (CC Tanzania/Canada) will coordinate follow up work across the four categories.

We welcome you to join us and contribute your skills and knowledge towards realizing the potential of these projects.

How do you join in?

Join the CC Africa WhatsApp group where many discussions on these and other topics are taking place. Also, join the CC Africa Slack Channel.

Not on CC Slack yet? Sign up here to join:

Posted 25 May 2018