Principles for License Enforcement published

Kat Walsh

The principles for license enforcement are now published. The consultation period has ended, and we’re grateful to everyone who contributed their many thoughtful comments!

These principles will be useful for:

  • Platforms that host CC-licensed materials and want to incorporate them into site policy to guide user expectations
  • Creators who want to enforce rights under a CC license, but aren’t sure how to do it without being overly aggressive
  • Reusers who want to know whether a copyright enforcer might be trolling
  • Lawyers or other professionals who want to give informed advice to creators and users of CC licensed works about enforcement of rights

Although the draft comment period is over, you can always continue to suggest improvements or ask questions in our community channels.

This is just one part of CC’s resources for addressing license enforcement issues, and we look forward to sharing more of them over the coming year.