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Training: Open Licenses for Artists, Musicians and Creators

Licenses & Tools
The tip of a ballpoint pen with a smear of bluish ink and a water drop reflecting/containing a pink flower blossom perched on the tip, highly magnified on a glowing pink background.

Macrofotografia Drops & Flowers by Mario Jr. Nicorelli, slightly cropped, is licensed under CC BY-NC 2.0.

Curious about Creative Commons licenses? Join Creative Commons staff for an overview of the six CC licenses and two public domain tools. We will describe the CC license and tool elements, their legal, machine-readable, and human-readable layers, as well as show practical use cases for each of the licenses and tools. Participants will engage in discussion around contemporary challenges for creators, and have the chance to discuss questions with legal experts in copyright.

Join us for this introduction to CC licenses and tools to get your basic questions answered and practice sharing content to the commons: 10 February 2023, 2–7pm UTC (see the schedule in your local timezone).

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Posted 03 February 2023