Thoughtful notes on "Building an Australasian Commons"

Wikimedia Commons editor and Australian Brianna Laugher wrote up some thoughtful notes on Creative Commons Australia’s recent conference: Nonetheless, what can we learn from how CC conducts itself? I can’t speak for the other jurisdictions, but the Australian one is damn impressive. They do an incredible amount of gently-gently lobbying for the adoption of free … Read More “Thoughtful notes on "Building an Australasian Commons"”

Scobleizing the public domain

Superblogger Rober Scoble recently took a ton of photos of famous people at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland and released the photos into the public domain, along with all of his other photos posted on Flickr. (Note that Flickr’s most liberal license option is CC Attribution, so that’s what he’s chosen there.) Of … Read More “Scobleizing the public domain”