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Record Labels

Below is a list of exemplary record labels that utilize CC licenses in a variety of ways. If there is a label we are missing, please add it to our wiki as this page is periodically updated. See also our page on Creative Commons Music Communities.


CASH Music

Providence, RI CASH Music is a non-profit that works on projects and releases with a diverse array of artists and labels. Much more than a label, CASH builds open-source tools and services to help artists and music organizations.

Records on Ribs

Nottingham, UK Records on Ribs uses CC licenses catalog-wide, facilitating over 70,000 downloads in a little over two years. It has created an open-source software tool, Ribcage, that aims to make setting up your own record label simple and tech-friendly.


Los Angeles, CA Vosotros explores new methods of music distribution/publication, including the use of CC licenses to encourage sharing and collaboration. Vosotros is music for you-all.

Rock Proper

Chicago, IL Rock Proper focuses on indie-rock and alt-country releases – all music is released under a CC BY-NC-SA license.

Bad Panda Records

Rome, Italy/Global A new label on the CC-music scene, Bad Panda releases a free CC BY-NC-SA licensed song in to the commons every Monday.

Resting Bell

Berlin, Germany Resting Bell releases its entire catalog, impressive in both breadth and depth, under a CC BY-NC-ND license.


New York, NY/Global 8Bitpeoples is a chiptune powerhouse whose deep and continuously growing discography includes releases from Anamanaguchi, Animal Style, Coleco Music, and many more.

Peppermill Records

Vancouver BC, Canada Peppermill Records focuses on collaborative projects between musicians, releasing these works under a CC BY-NC-ND license.

Test Tube

Lisbon, Portugal Test Tube is a netlabel featuring “new artists who are exploring new sounds.” A division of mono¨cromatica.


Aalborg, Denmark Urlyd focuses on electronic music and videos and was the first label worldwide to release a CC-licensed album with full support from a collecting society, KODA.


Maine, USA Netlabel blocSonic has a tiered approach to finding and distributing CC-licensed music – originals (blocSonic found artists), Xtended Editions (re-releases), and netBlocs (full featured digital compilations).


Zürich, Switzerland Alpinechic specializes in post-punk and electronic music releases, utilizing CC licenses to release singles as promotional tools for albums.

Luxus Artica

Spokane, WA Ambient and electronic netlabel Luxus Artica uses a CC BY-NC-ND license to enable sharing on its releases. Broadly works with artists on advertising, networking, identity, and design.


Berkeley, CA Magnatune releases a broad range of music under various CC licenses and popularized the now common practice of selling commercial licensing permissions outside the original CC license.


London, UK Beatpick releases all its artists’ music under a CC BY-NC-SA license while simultaneously pursuing commercial licensing deals.


Belgium Silenced is a netlabel that focuses on electronic music releases and is an officially recognized nonprofit. Silenced also organizes events and acts as a booking agency.

River Rat Records

London, UK River Rat Records releases all its music under a CC BY-NC-ND license to enable sharing. RRR also runs a recording studio and uses sustainable materials for its physical releases.

Fading Ways

Toronto, Canada Fading Ways uses CC licenses to help fuel physical sales and promote its releases. In operation since 1996, it became one of the first music labels to use CC licenses in 2004.


New York, NY RCRD LBL, a subsidiary of Downtown Music, is an online network of indie labels that posts new music daily – select releases are offered under a variety of CC licenses.

Quote Unquote

New York, NY Quote Unquote is a netlabel focused on punk, ska, and garage music that actively seeks donations for its free, CC-licensed, downloads.

Internet Archive’s Netlabels Collection

San Francisco, CA A collection of netlabels distributing free and open music online. Most, although not all, of the collection is released under CC licenses.


Weimar, Germany / Global Headphonica is a confusing netlabel releasing free musical things, mostly under CC BY-NC-SA.


Montreal, Canada Noweapon is a collective of artists making music, videos, sound installations, video installations, and events. Noweapon distributes its music under CC BY-NC-SA for others to remix and replay.