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Get CC Savvy

Learn about Creative Commons licenses and how they work

CC on Orange by Yamashita Yohei, CC BY

You: Are an awesome citizen of the web. Want to share your work with others. Want to use stuff that people have shared with you.

This course Will familiarize you with the range of Creative Commons licenses, which grant permission to the world to use creative work in specific ways. Will get you started on the road to CC savvy with a few short videos and activities.

1. Copyright and Creative Commons are friends.

Understand the connection between CC and copyright law.

2. Breaking down the CC licenses.

Distinguish between the different parts of a CC license and what they mean.

3. The right license for the job

Learn to recognize factors that may affect the choice of license.

4. Are you really CC Savvy?

Test what you’ve learned by explaining CC to your friends.