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ccLearn monthly update – Apr 15

Open Education

It’s tax day here in the USA, but let’s look to more interesting things. I will endeavor to send out an update, perhaps in newsletter form, of key ccLearn activities and plans every month or so, in addition to any announcements or interviews that we post to the site. As we continue to develop our…

Sir John Daniel comments on open education


Carnegie Mellon University hosted a symposium last week titled, Opening Learning Interplay, focused on the relationship of learning sciences and open education. At a reception towards the end of the symposium, those of us who were present were treated to an excellent speech by Sir John Daniel, President and CEO of the Commonwealth of Learning…

Introducing the new ccLearn website

Open Education

ccLearn, the educational division of Creative Commons, was launched in Fall, 2007. Since then, we have been very busy setting priorities and managing a few key projects, such as the (Open) Education Search project and helping with the Cape Town Open Education Declaration. In the meantime, we have been putting together plans and materials for…

Make Textbooks Affordable campaign launched


It was a busy day yesterday for campaigns to open up educational access and opportunities. In addition to the Cape Town Declaration, the Student PIRGs in the United States just launched a major campaign to encourage faculty to adopt open educational resources in their classrooms, which will provide significant benefit to students in making college…