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Camille Françoise

During her studies in museology and digital technologies for cultural institutions, Camille Françoise developed an interest in crowdsourcing projects and open authority issues around knowledge in heritage institutions. As a result, she co-coordinated several editions of co-creative and open community events in the museum field in France.

Simultaneously, she has gathered several professional experiences in France and abroad (Belgium, Canada and the Netherlands) in the collections, digital and research and development departments of Cultural Heritage Institutions.

Faced with the difficulties of Galleries, Libraries, Archives and Museums (GLAM) to continue carrying out their primary missions in digital environments, she focused on these issues from a library perspective within IFLA as a policy and research officer on copyright and open access.


Posts by Camille Françoise

Eight case studies show opportunities, challenges, and needs of low-capacity and non-Western cultural heritage institutions

Open Culture

In October 2021, Creative Commons launched a call for case studies on open access in cultural institutions such as galleries, libraries, archives and museums (GLAMs), from low-capacity, non-Western institutions, or representing marginalized,underrepresented communities from various parts of the world. The aim of the open call was to help generate a more global, inclusive, and equitable…