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Well, how did I get here?


Back in Indiana after a whirl-wind week in New York City, I’m still processing the whole experience, telling everyone I can about Creative Commons and the concert. Never having been to NYC, the entire experience is worth remembering. That said, the concert definitely stands out in my mind. Seeing the sheer energy of the volunteers…

mozCC Updated, Upgrade Encouraged


I’ve just released an upgrade to mozCC. Everyone’s encouraged to upgrade, as this release fixes an embarassing bug which caused Mozilla and Firefox to lock up under certain situations (say, choosing a Creative Commons license). You can find the release annoucement and installation/upgrade instructions here. Find another bug? Have a suggestion? Let me know!



I’m attending the O’Reilly Open Source Convention this week in Portland, OR. The convention tutorials got started yesterday, and there’s great blog coverage, cataloged here. I’ll be attending tutorials today, and then the conference sessions for the remainder of the week. Track me down, tell me why you love CC and I’ll shower you with…

A New Source for Your Validation


Since I first implemented ccValidator late last year, I’ve been encouraged by the amount of feedback and suggestions I’ve received. Common-ers everywhere have pointed out bugs, suggested improvements and encouraged it’s development into a useful tool. Today, ccValidator has a new home: and a handful of new features. The validator now supports metadata specified…

mozCC 0.8.1: a small number with big performance


mozCC 0.8.0 was an attempt to fix performance problems with many sites, and it succeeded. For the most part. Shortly after it’s release, users brought to my attention the fact that when browsing Wikipedia with mozCC, the browser ground to a halt while mozCC retrieved the CC license information from the web server. This problem…