Bandcamp Integrates CC-Licenses

logo_on_whiteBandcamp, a feature-heavy music site that focuses on providing musicians with robust, easy-to-use, and visually pleasing artist pages, just integrated CC licensing options in to their UI:

Hugs and kisses backatchu JD, and everyone else who requested Creative Commons support, then patiently worked around its absence by putting CC links in their tracks’ credits or about fields, slapping CC marks in their header graphics, and other reasonable zaniness. Situation rectified: starting today, you can select a CC license right from the Edit Track page.

Creative Commons’ mission is “to increase the amount of creativity… in ‘the commons’ — the body of work that is available to the public for free and legal sharing, use, repurposing, and remixing.” A worthy goal, we think, so if © strikes you as too restrictive, we hope you’ll take a gander at the various licenses and find something that better captures the freedoms you want your work to carry.

At a basic level, we aim to have licensing be as simple and easy as possible, a goal that is more fully accomplished when content-sharing sites like Bandcamp integrate CC license options directly into their UI. Kudos to Bandcamp for the integration and much thanks to all the Bandcamp users who requested it in the first place. You can learn more about Bandcamp at their FAQ page – to see the licenses in action, check out this artist page from Paul and Storm.

2 thoughts on “Bandcamp Integrates CC-Licenses”

  1. As an independent musician, I have to give Bancamp a massive thumbs up. The simple functionality of the site, the variety of download formats, the variety of license options (as discussed above), the variety of pricing options, the lack of advertising, the option to map your own domain name to the site and new features such as unique download codes that can be used for promotional purposes all add up to make this a pretty decent option in my opinion. If you could add the option of CSS and HTML styling then it would be pretty much there. My (fairly simple) profile can be found at

  2. I have some recordings of mine in Bandcamp and I would like to change Creative Commons status over one of them, from a more open licence (BY-NC-SA) to a limited one (BY-ND) but I don’t see any option inside “editing my album” to make this particular change. I suggest you to add a tutorial for all BC users, as I am totally lost. My time is precious.

    Anyway, a search engine in your Help page could help to musicians and users to find what they are looking for with more exactitude.


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