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CC License Suite 4.0 and CC0 Are Now Available in Romanian!

Licenses & Tools

Creative Commons is excited to announce the publication of the Romanian language translations of version 4.0 of the CC License Suite and of the CC0 public domain dedication. These translations will enable approximately 30 million people to understand our licenses in their first or second language! 

CC BY in RomanianWe could not be more pleased to see this effort reach a successful conclusion after one year of collaboration among experts from the European Commission. The translations were provided by official translators of the European Commission, coordinated by Pedro Malaquias (Legal Officer – Intellectual Property). The translations were reviewed by George Hari Popescu, our Translation Assistant.

The translations followed the guidelines set in the 3.0 version and kept the same translations for most of the legal words and phrases. The most important change in the 4.0 version is for the word “Share.” The 4.0 suite is an exact translation of the English original version, without adaptations to national laws. Since “Distribuire” is a word used in the Romanian copyright law, the word “Partajare” was chosen for the 4.0 version.

You can find the translations below:

Congratulations to everyone who worked on these translations! For more details and links, check out the dedicated Wiki page.

Posted 15 July 2020