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Open Office Hours with CC’s Legal Team

Licenses & Tools
Close up photograph of a vintage telephone switchboard, showing cables plugged into numbered sockets.

Telephone Switchboard Close-up by Jeff Sullivan is licensed under CC BY-NC-ND 4.0

(updated May 2024 with new link)

Come join CC’s legal team for open office hours. Everyone is invited to meet with General Counsel Kat Walsh and Counsel Yuanxiao Xu to discuss legal issues related to CC licenses, CC0, and open sharing in general.

We’ll start off with a few minutes talking about CC and some current topics and then open the floor for anything you’d like to chat about. As usual, CC will not be able to offer specific legal advice.

This is a casual conversation session, and there is no formal presentation — what we talk about is entirely up to you. We want to hear the questions that our FAQs have never really answered, what you’d like to see CC doing, the interesting resources you’ve found, the issues that you’re seeing as you try to share and reuse works, how you’re using and interacting with CC licenses and legal tools, and more. Or just a chat to get to know more of you in the CC community!

Office hours sessions are typically the third Friday of every month. Register at any time and get it on your calendar or join us at the last moment if your time frees up. If you can’t make this session, don’t worry, join us next time! Office hours will be held in Zoom to make it easier for the broadest possible community to participate.

Posted 12 September 2022