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Alden Page

As a backend software developer on CC’s Product team, Alden strives to build the infrastructure that will power a rich ecosystem of applications on top of the digital commons.

Prior to joining Creative Commons, Alden developed and operated a real-time market risk management system used by equity derivatives traders at Deutsche Bank. He also has experience working in the ad-tech industry and contributing to free software. Alden currently lives in New York City, where he spends much of his time cycling and developing open source software.

Photo credit: Angela Bui, CC BY-ND 4.0

Posts by Alden Page

Announcing the CC Catalog API, Version 1.0


The Creative Commons Catalog Application Programming Interface (CC Catalog API) gives developers the ability to create custom applications that utilize CC Search, a rich collection of 330 million and counting openly licensed images. We have spent the last two years gathering this data from a diverse set of 28 sources, ranging from curated collections assembled…