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Esther Wojcicki becomes CC's Vice Chair, focused on learning and education


We’re excited to announce that Esther Wojcicki, current Chair of the Creative Commons board, esteemed and award-winning teacher, and leader at the nexus of education and technology, will become CC’s Vice Chair focused on learning and education. CC’s current CEO, Joi Ito, will step into the role of both Chair and CEO. “Creative Commons continues…

2010 Catalyst Grant Recipients Announced!


It’s with great pleasure that we announce the recipients of the first CC Catalyst Grants Program. Out of a grant pool consisting of more than 130 applications, seven projects have been selected for awards up to $10,000 each, to catalyze projects that contribute to the commons. Thanks to your generous support during the Catalyst Grants…

Welcoming Cathy Casserly to the Creative Commons board of directors


I’m pleased to announce that today the Creative Commons board of directors has elected Cathy Casserly as a new member. Cathy has been a foremost champion of the Open Educational Resources (OER) movement for a decade and of Creative Commons since its inception. She served as Director of Open Educational Resources Initiative at the William…

Thank you!


Joi Ito / Photo by Mizuka / CC BY One week ago I asked for support in helping us reach our $500,000 goal. At that time, we had $12,000 left to raise with only 2 1/2 days left in the campaign, and we were all wondering how we were going to make it. Today, I’m…

$12k to go, a message from CC CEO Joi Ito


Joi Ito / Photo by Mizuka / CC BY Happy Holidays — I hope many of you are getting a chance to relax after an incredibly difficult year for most people. However, take heart, I’m writing with good news. We’re now entering the last couple of days for the Creative Commons annual fundraising campaign just…