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Another Reason for Opening Access to Research


Open access journal — the British Medical Journal — recently published an article by John Wilbanks, the Executive Director of one of CC’s projects: Science Commons. While much has been written about open access and it represents a welcome and increasing trend in scientific and academic publishing, John’s article provides a timely focus on how…

CC Licenses Make Sense for Gatehouse Media Sites


As Lisa Williams noted her local paper – Watertown TAB – quietly switched over the site to use a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 2.5 license. Dave Weinberger noted that his local paper – the Brookline TAB – did likewise. The reason — GateHouse Media, a newspaper conglomerate that owns 75 daily and 231 weekly newspapers, has…

Swivel Adopts CC Licensing


Swivel is a site that is all about data. You can upload your data and have it made into graphs, you can find datasets, comment on them or rate them, or you can compare different datasets that have been uploaded to the site. As the site itself explains, it’s “a place where curious people explore…