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Technology Platforms

Over 2.5 billion CC-licensed works exist across millions of websites. The majority are hosted on content platforms that provide CC license options for their users.

CC platforms make it easy for users to discover and collaborate on images, video, music, research and educational texts. This page highlights some of the best known platforms for sharing CC content. Content on these platforms is searchable and shareable across the web thanks to CC licenses.

Logos for Flickr, Bandcamp, Wikipedia, YouTube, Sketchfab, Internet Archive, Vimeo, Wikimedia Commons, Free Music Archive, SkillsCommons, Europeana, Tribe of Noise, Jamendo, MIT OpenCourseWare, and PLOS.

Enabling the CC license suite for your users

We work to transform content platforms into vibrant, creative spaces powered by users. Creative Commons Integration, from A to Z is a toolkit for platforms that want to address the increasing user demand for sharing content under CC licenses. The toolkit covers everything a platform needs to add the CC license suite, including aligning terms of service, integrating CC licenses into the user interface, and clearly communicating about the different license options for users. The toolkit is free for anyone to implement; please use it as an onboarding tool and contact us with any questions. Learn more >

Content collaborations: Light up the Commons

For CC, the global commons is a platform for cooperation. The size of the commons is not as important as how the works it contains are shared and used. Adding the CC license suite is just the first step in joining a vast global network of creators, companies, and institutions who are working to build context, gratitude, and other mechanisms for collaboration into the commons. We work with platforms who share our values to design tools and services that light up this universe of content and creators. Part of this is working to increase cross-platform mobility of content; another part is tracking growth and use of the content itself and reporting on major trends in our annual State of the Commons report. In addition to growth of content and users, what is your platform seeking to do and how can CC help you do it? Please get in touch if you are interested in any of the following: