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Tag: Peter-Lucas Jones

Peter-Lucas Jones Será una Oradora Principal en la Cumbre Mundial CC 2023

A headshot of Peter-Lucas Jones, smiling and wearing a rust top and tan coat, to the right of a colorful illustration of a wall of windows, each revealing a different human or animal doing some activity, on a building decorated with a light blue CC Global Summit banner hanging from a slender blue line, surrounded by yellow butterflies and birds and green vines and plants. A headshot used by permission from the original “Peter-Lucas Jones” next to Somos El Bien Común" by Eréndira Derbez for Creative Commons, here cropped, licensed via CC BY 4.0.

[read this post in English >] Tenemos un grupo increíble de personas preparadas para ser oradores principales en la Cumbre Global 2023, que se llevará a cabo del 3 al 6 de octubre en la Ciudad de México. Recientemente anunciamos a Anya Kamenetz y ahora, en nuestro segundo anuncio, damos la bienvenida a Peter-Lucas Jones,…