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Creative Commons launches the GET CREATIVE! Moving Image Contest

About CC

Win a Computer – A DV Cam – An iPod

Contest to create a 2-minute presentation will demonstrate “open-source

Palo Alto, USA Creative Commons announced today the
launch of the GET CREATIVE! Moving Image Contest. Entrants are invited to
create a 2-minute presentation in the animation or moving image format of
their choice that explains Creative Commons’ mission.

“With ‘Get Creative,’ our own Flash movie, we took a shot at explaining
Creative Commons,” said Lawrence Lessig, chairman of Creative Commons and
professor of law at Stanford. “We’re fond of it, but we think the
community that’s grown around this idea could do an even better job. The
Moving Image Contest will be an exercise in open-source messaging.”

The Silicon Valley nonprofit will encourage entrants to re-use materials
licensed under its free copyright licenses, including Creative Commons’
own artwork, graphics, and Flash animation, as well as original and
public domain materials.

An accomplished panel of independent and qualified judges will review and
rank all contest entries:

Elisabeth Shue

Academy Award nominee for Best Actress in Leaving
Las Vegas, among many other celebrated roles

Jason Zada

Co-founder and creative director of San Francisco
advertising and design studio evolution | bureau

Joshua Davis

Accomplished web designer and creative thinker

Mitsuhiro Takemura

Associate professor, Graduate School of Frontier
Sciences at the University of Tokyo

Amir Bar-Lev

Documentary filmmaker (the critically acclaimed
Fighter, 2001) and television producer

The three best entries will win:

First Prize choice of an Apple® Power Mac® G5 Computer (Dual
PowerPC G5) or an Alienware® 2001DV™ System

Second Prize Sony® Handycam® Camcorder

Third Prize Apple® iPod™ Digital Music Player

The contest will run through December 31, 2003, and winners will be
announced in February 2004. All entries must be released under a Creative
Commons license of the author’s choice by time of entry.

Official rules can be found at

More about Creative Commons

A nonprofit corporation, Creative Commons promotes the creative re-use of
intellectual works, whether owned or public domain. It is sustained by
the generous support of The Center for the Public Domain and the John D.
and Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation. Creative Commons is based at
Stanford Law School, where it shares staff, space, and inspiration with
the school’s Center for Internet and Society.

More information at


Glenn Otis Brown
Executive Director
1.650.723.7572 (tel)
1.415.336.1433 (cell)

Neeru Paharia
Assistant Director
Creative Commons
1.650.724.3717 (tel)
1.510.823.1073 (cell)

Posted 05 August 2003