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  1. These are commercial, mass-market products that are making a mockery and laughingstock of a professional corporate institution. Fox has every right to sue for copyright infringement/slander/whatever they can get away with. If people want to complain about Fox News, fine. But creating incredibly derogative, insulting, and offensive shirts/books/misc. merchandise and then promoting them and selling them is something that rightly should be stopped. It’s sickening, actually.



  2. P. S. What the **** does this have anything to do with the Creative Commons license? I love what you guys are doing in that arena. So why drag stupid politics into it? It’s bad enough when this stuff is *on* political blogs to begin with.


  3. Franken has one of the best fair use cases right here… the use of the phrase was obviously satirical and parodic. Making fun of stuff (especially political satire in the Franken and Moore vein) is about as American and “Free” as it gets.

  4. Our point wasn’t political, Jared, and I’m sorry we didn’t make that clearer. Derek and I had thought that the irony of this dispute was self-evident — and easily recognizable as similar in theme to everything we work on and worry about. No single ideology has a monopoly on overlawyering today. Fox News could be a left-wing outfit, and if it tried to pull this stunt, we’d mock it just the same.

    Put all the content of the politics aside: We’re talking about invoking the power of a federal court to regulate the usage of two generic English words. I won’t even bother spelling out the layer upon layer of ironies here.

    Al Franken: “{B]y the way, a few months ago, I trademarked the word ‘funny.’ So when Fox calls me ‘unfunny,’ they’re violating my trademark. I am seriously considering a countersuit.”

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