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CC at O'Reilly Etech


Creative Commons will be an exhibitor at the O’Reilly Emerging Technology Conference in San Diego next week.

Etech is regarded by many as the best tech conference of the year, always in step with the latest creations and aspirations of the alpha geeks, having evolved from the Peer-to-Peer Conference in early 2001 and P2P & Web Services in late 2001 to the current multi-tracked annual conference starting two years ago. (Incidentally, the Creative Commons concept was introduced at ETCon 2002. How time flies.)

Matt Haughey and Mike Linksvayer will be attending. Stop by the Creative Commons booth, or better yet our participant session (time and location yet to be announced). We’ll be introducing a new CC metadata-enhanced application. Hint: it’s described in one of our tech challenges, heretofore unmet.

If you’re in the area but not an attendee, you can still register for a free exhibits pass, or an exhibits plus keynotes and birds-of-a-feather (participant sessions) pass for only $50. Hope to see you there!

Posted 04 February 2004