Creative Commons at DSpace

Ben Adida, one of our technical advisors, will be talking about Creative Commons at the DSpace User Meeting on Thursday morning at MIT. He will demonstrate the integration of the CC license selection process into the DSpace application. Thanks to the CC License Engine, this development work can be done in a few hours, providing any web-based application with the full, always-up-to-date, selection of Creative Commons Licenses.

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  1. Hello!
    The universities of applied sciences in Finland have decided together to create a digital repository for theses and research publications.

    The aim is to apply open access principles and use open source solutions. The authentication to the service uses Shibboleth software, the publications will be lisenced with Creative Commons and the platform for the service will be open source technology based DSpace. The essential goals in this project – as in all digital library services – are accessibility, user-friendliness, flexibility and transformality.

    Our Dspace-technician told that it is impossible to co-operate with Creative Comons and Dspace. Is it really or is the some kind of way to solve the problem? I’m more than willing to hear about it as soon as possible.


    Anna-Kaisa Sjölund
    Library coordinator
    mobile +385-40 830 2230
    fax (09)88687401
    skype anna.kaisa.sjolund
    Repository Theseus/ Open Access project
    Seinäjoki University of applied sciences
    Vanha maantie 9 (Laurea)
    02650 Espoo

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