Roger McGuinn of the Byrds uses Music Sharing License

Legendary musician Roger McGuinn of the Byrds is using the new Creative Commons Music Sharing License for all the songs in his Folkden project. You can see the Share Music tag at the bottom of each song’s page, as it’s displayed here for the song Delia’s Gone. Roger builds upon a rich heritage of public domain songs even further by opening up his own sound recordings for sharing. On the site, Roger discusses how folk music lives through the process of sharing.

1 thought on “Roger McGuinn of the Byrds uses Music Sharing License”

  1. I’m a singer/songwriter and in recent years I went on a 4-5 year “strike” against playing any covers, irritated with the locals venues insistence on “cover” bands… and being criticized by some because we didn’t play the song “like the record”

    The tide seems to be shifting in northern California with more venues seeking “mainly original” bands, and americana/roots/folk/country rock enjoying a resurgence. There’s many artists I admire and who’s songs I’d play … providing I can play them my way (I have a very out in left field (for me) version of the Beatles Eleanor Rigby, and the current band I’ve fallen in with )BoneYard Rattlers) are of like mind and covers we do take on, we play from our own perspective… more often than not, and we are slowly evolving into a group that only plays our own material.

    Public Domain offers some great opportunities to revisit in a much removed fashion

    I applaud what you are doing!

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