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Creative Commons, a wedding beneficiary


We were honored to get this letter, and a check, from the recently married Joanna and Jaroslaw, of Warsaw, Poland:

We (Joanna and Jaroslaw) had decided, that during our wedding we want people to donate for charity instead of buying flowers, and as people somehow connected with copyleft/free_content movement we have chosen CC as a beneficiary. We hope, that this money may be spent on starting iCommons Poland.

Our professional-looking charity box was made from one plastic pot, parts of tea can and lots of duck-tape (see enclosed photos :-))). Response was pretty good, and we collected 552 polish zloty (pln) and 6 Euro (e). With 1e = 4,662pln that made 579,97pln. Bank and sending cost was 30,30pln, what made 549,67pln. With 1$=3.94pln we were able to send you 139,52$.

BTW our wedding took place on 24th April, but i took us some (too much) time to send a check. Finally we did it yesterday, on May 25th. Please let us now, when (and if) money will arrive. We don’t want it to get lost somewhere over Atlantic 🙂

Few words about us: Joanna Maksymiuk is a student of philosophy at Curie-Sklodowska University (Lublin, Poland). Jaroslaw Lipszyc is an editor of Warsaw daily Zycie Warszawy, but also a poet (all works avalaible under GNU GPL), part of the Copyleft Art project and one of translators of Lawrence Lessig book “Free Culture.”

Thank you for all your efforts in making our world a better place. Supporting you is a pleasure.

Joanna and Jaroslaw
from Warsaw, Poland

more photos from our wedding you will find here.

Posted 19 June 2004