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A Wikipedia of Free Culture?


Q: How to plan a wiki?

A: Hash out ideas on a wiki.

So we set up a wiki and we’re holding a barn raising there. You’re invited.

Our objective is to plan a “Get Content” wiki, a scalable catalog of “some rights reserved” and “no rights reserved” works.

A truly international catalog of CC and PD works. A Wikipedia of Free Culture, democratically maintained and curated.

Can this work? We have a hunch that it can, but we’ve doubtless missed many solutions and innumerable problems.

What we have thought of is of course on the wiki, where you should go without further adieu and add your ideas.

Note for anyone excited about the idea: we’re planning at this stage. The wiki we’re using for the planning may not be the one we use to implement the “Get Content” wiki (do help us figure that one out) — so you may wish to curb your enthusiasm for raw cataloging just right now.

Now dive in!

Posted 02 July 2004