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Another non-evil label: Positron!


Positron! Records follows the lead of the non-evil record label, Magnatune:

Positron! Records is pleased to announce that our artists now have the option of releasing their works under Creative Commons licenses.

Unlike those who suffer from what we like to call “major label retardation,” we here at Positron! have never believed it was bad thing for our supporters to share our music with their friends. The Creative Commons licenses we use legally allow you to share songs from these records on peer-to-peer networks. In addition, you can sample portions of these songs for use in your own compositions, whether they are mash-ups for your friends, or a commercial release. It is our way of both thumbing our nose at the ridiculous state of copyright law in this country, and letting you, our customer and supporter, know that you are not a criminal, but a trusted ally in the war against corporate stupidity.

[via Lucas Gonze]

Posted 22 November 2004