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ccPublisher: It Keeps Getting Better


Over the weekend we release yet another update to ccPublisher. ccPublisher is a tool which allows you to upload Creative Commons-licensed audio and video works to the Internet Archive for free hosting.

We’re on the road to 1.0, and part of that process is fixing bugs. Thanks to Harold and Dave, we have two more bugs fixed which should make life better for everyone. Version 0.9.11 (Windows, Mac OS X) contains those fixes, along with a tool that will let you help us improve ccPublisher.

Starting with 0.9.11, ccPublisher has some extra error handling code turned on. If the program crashes, or the upload goes sour, you’ll have the opportunity to send us an error report. This error report doesn’t contain any personal information, just the current “state of play” in the program. It also contains a traceback, which lets us isolate the code responsible for the problem. Please, if you encounter a problem, send us the traceback. You’ll be helping us help you.

As always, you can contact me directly if you have problems, comments, or just suggestions about ccPublisher. I want to hear from you, because we want to make ccPublisher an even better tool.

Posted 06 December 2004