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Internet Archive's Brewster Kahle live on C-SPAN today: 6:30pm ET/3:30pm PT


While you’re watching the Internet’s über librarian check out ccPublisher, our desktop app that makes it easy for you to add your CC-licensed audio and video to the über library for free.

Keep an eye out for future installments of C-SPAN’s Digital Future. Creative Commons chair Lawrence Lessig will entertain on March 3 next year.

As part of the Library of Congress “Digital Future” series, The Internet Archive‘s Brewster Kahle will be giving a talk, “Univeral Access to Knowledge,” carried live on C-SPAN later today, at 6:30pm eastern time, 3:30pm pacific. A following Q&A session will also include emailed questions. Details here, and at the Digital Future series page.

(That’s 23:30 UTC, and C-SPAN offers live Internet streams of their broadcasts.)

[Via Gordon Mohr.]

Posted 13 December 2004