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Fine Art of Sampling Contest Winners


The final winners of the Freestyle Mix, and the Milita Mix contests have been announced on Mixter. The top eleven Freestyle Mix entries have won a spot on the Creative Commons release, The WIRED CD — Ripped. Sampled. Mashed. Shared. (playing off the original WIRED CD), and free passes to the M3 Music Summit in Miami. The top track of the Militia Mix Contest won a spot on the next Fine Arts Militia Album Featuring Chuck D. Brian Hardgroove of Fine Arts Militia has this to say: “Overall, I would have been proud to put most of those mixes on the new record — mad props to the producers.”

We’d like to offer a huge thanks to all the contestants and judges, and specifically to Victor Stone for building Mixter and moderating the site (more on Mixter later). This experiment has yielded some great music that will hopefully promote the concept of collaboration over space and time, even further.

Posted 02 March 2005