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CC search index breakdown


Folks love a license distribution breakdown, so here’s another, this from the current index of 1.2 million pages (larger crawls forthcoming) used by the Creative Commons search engine:

Allows commercial use Allows derivative works Allows both
Audio 32 78 32
Image 19 48 16
Interactive 31 65 27
Text 28 69 23
Video 13 65 12
All 27 70 23

All numbers in the above table are percentages: 32 percent of pages marked as containing audio content use licenses that allow commercial use, 78 percent allow derivatives, and 32 percent allow both. In the case of audio works, almost nobody has chosen to allow commercial use without also allowing derivatives.

It appears that people licensing audio have chosen to offer more liberal terms than average while those licensing still and moving images have chosen less liberal terms than average.

Posted 07 March 2005