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Signal/Noise 2k5 – Creative Revolution at Harvard Tomorrow!


For those people in the Harvard area, check out the Signal/ Noise 2k5: Creative Revolution conference being held at Harvard tomorrow April 8, 2005. Find details about it here.

The original and first Signal/Noise in 2000 was organized by none other than Creative Commons’ recently departed but dearly beloved Executive Director – Glenn Otis Brown. The conference has a great line-up of academics, musicians, practitioners and enthusiastic commentators from the reuse field – all of whom will be discussing questions such as: is all art derivative? how new technologies facilitate new genres, creators and business models (did someone say “Creative Commons”?) and how artists react to downstream uses of their work and how these reactions should be balanced with the public interest in facilitating downstream reuse. All interesting topics! The site also contains a useful Briefing Book and links to some great sites for those interested in remixing, mash-ups etc – including Creative Commons’ own ccmixter site.

Posted 07 April 2005