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Tweaking CC's Standard Attribution Language – An Invitation to Comment


So a new license draft has been posted here. The changes relate to our standard attribution language and the plan is that they take effect across all of our core licenses. The new version will be 2.5 because it is a minor change. We are in the process of working through other revisions to the licenses that will form the basis for version 3.0 but this change is needed now to take account of the demands of wikis & the open access journal community.

Many of you have given comments on the beta wiki license which have been very useful. The difference between this license draft and the beta wiki is that attribution in this draft can be to the author and/or one or more other parties. The beta wiki license only permitted attribution to the author *or* another party or parties. Also, we have included an additional example in the brackets to make it clear that one of the attributed parties may be a journal.

For a more detailed explanation of the changes, check out this posting to our licenses discussion list. You can join the discussion here.

Posted 21 May 2005