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Fantastic (cc)omic


Not two weeks ago Comixpedia published a roundtable on Creative Commons and Webcomics, but perhaps two weeks too soon. Role playing game company Skotos was readying the release under a CC license of a professionally drawn companion comic book to its Castle Marrach online game: Castle Marrach: Awakenings. Now released, obviously.

Skotos Director of Operations Shannon Appelcline penned an informative column describing how and why they’re using Creative Commons for the companion comic book series. An excerpt:

We’ve got some of our own methods to protect joint creativity at Skotos. In our Terms of Service we define what we call “Participatory Content” and “Public Content”. If
Creative Commons had been around when we launched in 2000, I think we
might have incorporated their licenses instead, to protect the joint
work that people do at Skotos.

With Castle Marrach: Awakenings,
however, we’re doing something new, and thus we finally have the
opportunity to offer a Creative Commons release without having to try
and transition from an older license. Creative Commons very clearly
matches our ideals here at Skotos–our belief that people can come
together on the Internet and jointly create whole works that will be
bigger than their parts. And, it helps us to do a little bit to fill
the hole left behind by the destruction of the public domain, which I
wrote about when I was discussing mythology (and its absence in the modern world).

Possibly not what they had in mind, but here’s a derivative work:

Posted 23 June 2005