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Rise of the mixmaster


Forbes magazine columnist Sam Whitmore writes about “four distinct groups that will create content no matter what transpires on the business end of media”:

Then there’s the rise of the mixmaster.

Traditional copyright law didn’t foresee this kind of thing.

A potential solution already exists from San Francisco-based Creative Commons, a non-profit organization whose legally binding copyright licenses give copyright holders different flavors of rights.

In my view, the most exciting developments in tomorrow’s media will come from creative mixing of digital media. No doubt big media will squelch unauthorized use of its intellectual property. Read Lawrence Lessig’s plaintive 2004 book, Free Culture: How Big Media Uses Technology and the Law to Lock Down Culture and Control Creativity.

There really isn’t much to add, given the length constraints of a short magazine column. Check out our mixmaster community. And oh yes, you can remix Free Culture (its CC license says you can).

Posted 03 August 2005