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Critical Evaluation Exercise


iGeneration, a group blog by University of Western Australia academicsstudents (note that every link is footnoted) has added a post examining the Creative Commons weblog (i.e., the one you’re reading now) to their “Critical Evaluation Exercise” series:

By evaluating the organisation’s blog through the lens of this mission statement, taking into account the interactive nature of the blog structure itself as well as its content, we can attempt to evaluate the way the Creative Commons blog[8] can be situated into debates surrounding participatory culture and digital communication.

The Creative Commons blog provides a touchstone for that which the movement advocates: the democratisation of participatory culture through the provision of easy-to-use intellectual property practices which empower digital media users to freely exchange information, while retaining ownership of their creations.

Basically we provide many cool and relevant links. 🙂

In that tradition, and to make up for this self-referential post, a cool and relevant link that doesn’t mention Creative Commons (but should!)–Backyard Filmmakers are Hollywood’s Greatest Fear. Feel that participatory culture!

Update: Tama Leaver sends a correction:

The iGeneration blog is part of a Communication Studies Honours course run at the University of Western Australia and the contributors are still undergraduate students (not yet academics, although I’m sure they enjoyed the promotion in status!)

I’m running the unit and am an almost-academic (ie grad student in the last few months before submission of a doctoral thesis in December), so there aren’t any fully fledged academics involved as such! 🙂

Posted 15 September 2005