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Share the Debate About the Future of Canadian Copyright Laws


To coincide with Canada’s new round of digital copyright reform in the form of Bill C-60, a new book has been released – ‘In the Public Interest: The Future of Canadian Copyright Law’ – online under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 2.0 Canada license and in a physical format for CA$50. Bill C-60 has been proposed to implement the WIPO Copyright Treaty and WIPO Performers & Phonograms Treaty, which notably require the introduction of anticircumvention measures and rights management information protections, and the clarification of the rights of ISPS – all important issues for the digital world.

Edited by Michael Geist, the book contains 19 peer reviewed essays, each by a different expert and each analyzing a different issue addressed by the Bill. It will certainly serve as an interesting series of reflections at this stage of debates surrounding copyright and online issues.

It is a great step that a major Canadian publisher is willing set a precedent for its fellow publishers and try Creative Commons licensing.

Of course, the fact that the authors have agreed to donate the royalties to Creative Commons in no way lessens our support for your right to copy and redistribute under the Creative Commons license….

Posted 30 September 2005