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Label started via ccMixter


In May we noted the first ccMixter user to be discovered and signed to a record label via their participation in ccMixter. Now we have the first record label started by people who first met on the site. Victor Stone explains:

Cezary Ostrowski from Poland and Marco Raaphorst from Holland met online at ccMixter and decided to go into business together. They started an online label called DiSfish where 5% of all sale proceeds to goes to CC, 5% goes to charity and the rest is split between the label and the artist. All music on the label is licensed under CC.

Victor Stone (that’s me) from Berkeley and Robert Doiel from southern California met online at ccMixter and collaborated (without ever
meeting) on an album of Doeil’s compositions called ‘Fourstones plays Weird Polymer’ and decided to release it exclusively on DiSfish

The entire album is available for listening, purchasing or licensing.

Thanks Victor, Robert, Cezary, and Marco!

Posted 10 October 2005