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From flickr to The Charlie Rose Show


Photo by Steve Jurveston licensed under cc by.

Steve Jurveston comments about cool uses of his CC-licensed photos on Flickr:

Imagine my surprise when I heard that the Charlie Rose show found my photo on flickr and wanted to use it on broadcast TV.

They were interviewing Gordon Moore, co-founder of Intel and seer of exponential trends in technology (“Moore’s Law”). They wanted a photo of Dr. Moore pursuing his passion for fishing, and they found my photo entitled Moore Fish.

Thanks to Larry Lessig and the Creative Commons license for making this so easy. There have been so many cool uses and remixes of my photos ever since I switched from copyright to CC in flickr, including textbooks on lasers, fourth grade geography projects, and a variety of very cool graphic art mash ups from Argentina.

The Charlie Rose Show is a popular interview program on U.S. public television.

Posted 29 November 2005