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La Vie Chill


Technical wizard (music and code) Victor Stone retired as the lead ccMixter developer a few months ago. So what’s he doing with all that extra time (apart from continuing to commit ccHost patches)? One would assume a chunk of it went into completing his new album, La Vie Chill.

Victor explains:

[I]t’s dedicated to my new favorite place to hang out on the web, where else, ccMixter. One of the emergent stars of the site, Eric teru Ohara (think Nordic Irish Asian Canadian brilliant),
gave me a fantastic remix that I used “as is” thank you very much. For
the rest of the album I made extensive use of samples from Magnatune
(for which I pay royalties per sale) and ccMixter (for which I got
permission to pillage), but I really feel as though these are original
compositions — by the way: does anybody else recognize the oxymoron in
the term “original composition” or is it just me?

Visit the album page to listen/download/buy/license and see links to all of the sources Victor used on the album.

A funny thing about Victor’s site: he’s incorporated ccHost (see his tag-a-rific catalog) and WordPress (blog), with both sharing the same look. ccHost was intended for remix communities, but you can’t restrict good software to its original use. Same goes for good content…

Posted 07 December 2005