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CC Response to List Comments re: Proposed FDL "one-way compatibility"


A little while ago, CC posted a proposed amendment to the ShareAlike license provisions of CC licenses. The proposed amendment generated a considerable amount of very detailed discussion, debate and analysis on the list — all of which has been tremendously useful to assist in better framing the proposed language and, also, in understanding where the potential difficulties and issues with the proposed amendment may lie.

In an effort to try to respond to large volume of comments, I have attempted to distill the main arguments and concerns (that were not necessarily fully resolved by list members themselves) in a table and then included a specific response to each one that hopefully addresses each of them; this table has now been posted to our cc-licenses list. If there is an argument or concern that you think I have missed, then please let me know so that I can also prepare a response to it as well. Please feel free to comment on these responses by participating in the discussion on our cc-licenses list.

Posted 16 December 2005